Learn dance styles that encourage a community which helps create safe spaces, confidence, security, attitude and positivity.

Voguing is a highly stylised, modern house dance originating in the late ’80s. Today it’s a global phenomenon with three distinct styles: Old Way; New Way and Vogue Fem.

This class is led by Eric Scutaro from Queer Side in Birmingham, and welcomes all levels of experience of Voguing and those wanting to try it for the first time!

Workshop is for ages 16+.

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About Eric

Eric Scutaro, founder of Queer-Side, is a Venezuelan choreographer, dance performer, activist, and refugee in the United Kingdom. For 13 years, he has been a trailblazer in his country in Waacking and Voguing, dance styles belonging to the LGBTIQ+ community since the 70s. His choreographies, workshops and performances explore hip-hop, Waacking and the Voguing style as a way to advocate for LGBTIQ+ community.

His work has also stood out for doing Queer activism within the hip-hop culture in his country. Eric has worked in conjunction with the British Council Venezuela for 5 years, creating activities, workshops and activism for Venezuelan youth regarding dance and the LGBTIQ+ community. Being part of the first Hip-Hop Theater work in the history of Venezuela. Also representing the British Council Venezuela in London, for a special dance training, and in Belfast for The Outburst, one of the most important Queer arts festivals in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, Eric was part of the founders of the first and only street dance company in Venezuela and all of Latin America, thus creating a stable and legally recognized job for young street dancers of the present and the future. Eric Scutaro is one of the bridges between Venezuela and the United Kingdom for cultural and artistic exchanges in the field of street dance to continue developing opportunities for youth, and continue developing LGBTIQ+ activism.

About Queer Side

Queer-Side is a Community Interest Company  created in Birmingham, UK, in 2022, providing free events, workshops, opportunities, performances and activism to the LGBTIAQ+ community and the city of Birmingham, with the purpose of creating safe spaces, visibility, entertainment and growth for all. We want to create spaces where everyone can live together, enjoy, learn, create and be visible without segregation or discrimination. Create international Queer artistic links in order to promote other cities, other communities, and different cultures that support, help, and understand the Queer community.

Additionally, Queer-Side aims to transform non-conventional spaces for the free entertainment of the community and citizens through Queer art. We want people to believe more in the city, in their spaces, their buildings, their venues, their communities and in their dreams. Create a legacy through art, activism and collaboration. We want every dream to count for the future of the city and our community.

Queer Side


Abbot Hall Social Centre

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