Welcome to LONDON or anywhere else in the world… KENDAL.

Topless takes place on the open-top deck of a sightseeing bus. Sandie is your tour guide for a fabulous open top tour of the world’s most exciting city!

Unfortunately that’s not all she wants to talk about… every sight along the way triggers off some hilarious memory to do with her “gorgeous Duncan, who’s the spiting image of singer Harry Styles.”

Domestic problems and sightseeing become entwined as Sandie reveals how she deals with her straying husband in this punchy, heartfelt comedy that takes you on an extraordinary journey.


Originally written in 1998 by Miles Tredinnick, Holly Lovelady and her team have transformed the original play into a SHOW STOPPING (Or traffic stopping) ONE WOMAN musical set to premier at Kendal Pride.

Directed by Mike Healey
Performed by Holly Lovelady
Music by Holly Lovelady
Produced by Learn My Lines productions 


Kendal Museum

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