Kendal Pride is proud to present ‘It is what It is.’ created by Cumbrian-born performer Kyra Scott.

A Queer, Dark Comedy with No Filter.

“Yeah, I guess this play fits into the ‘Coming of Age’ category, but don’t worry there’s no crying over boys, unaccepting parents, or motivational teachers.

However, there are plenty of honest details about growing up as a lass in the 21st century, details that are usually confined to drunk conversations in a bathroom. But I’m here to chat about them. Sober. On a stage. Anyway…

Inabit, Isobella x”

This one-woman play explores themes of bisexuality, feminism and mental health all wrapped in a blanket of sarcastic dark humour with a good serving of honest reality.

Content warning: swearing, sexual language, mentions of suicide and mental illness (recommended age 15+)

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